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I was diagnosed late last year with Bipolar2, after over a decade of misdiagnoses of unipolar major depression + GAD, postpartum depression, etc. BP2 makes so much sense now, and I feel some relief... Read More

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    Personally (and without knowledge of laws, etc.), I wouldn't say a thing. People have to go on medical leave (or days off) for many different medical reasons. Mental illness should be no different.
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    I'm sorry I haven't replied, I just now figured out how to find my own post (yeah, not my brightest moment). Thank you all for your advice.
    I ended up not telling her and after reading this, it reaffirmed my decision. As far as the concern of over-reaching now that I feel better, I think that's a valid concern - I've been rightfully accused of such before . I asked for a copy of the job description, and the hours would be the same I work now. I have to have a balance - I have to work some in order to keep from going stir-crazy, but I can't work too much because I end up burning myself out.
    The job itself is something I've done before, full time even, in other facilities. I'm no stranger to the work and know I'm capable of it, as long as I keep that work/home balance that I've been maintaining.
    I've also asked my doctor what he thinks, and he thinks it'll be ok as long as I don't overdo it and make sure I take care of myself.
    Thank you all again, I appreciate it!
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    Good to hear from you on this. I wish you the very best of luck and hope you'll thrive in the new job! =)
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