Depression and Anxiety

  1. 1 Would love all info on how to make a living as a nurse from home
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    Quote from babykap
    Would love all info on how to make a living as a nurse from home
    How does the title of this thread have anything whatsoever to do with your question? Here I think I'm clicking on a post where someone needs advice and maybe I have something to offer. But no, you want to know how to work from home. Well good luck with that, when you figure it out let us know because WE ALL WISH WE COULD WORK FROM HOME!
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    I understand, OP. I have some of the same issues, and hope this thread will be full of good advice for you because working from home would be the ideal thing for me, too.
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    Nursing Blogs.

    Some online sites use bloggers and advertisers to flag (draw attention to) their site.

    They pay by the volume of content per day.

    You are, probably, looking at getting paid minimum wage, at best.

    Second choice. Perhaps. Use your knowlege of nursing to create an online store selling nursing-related items -like name tags, pins, jewelry, accessories and small useful articles of clothing and/or footwear.

    Third choice. Start up your own nursing recruiter office. Work with local (or nationwide) medical corporations that look to outside agents to bring in a steady stream of elite nursing staff.

    Probably, a dozen or so mediocre-to-middlin' ways to work from home or an office space in a nursing-related field.

    Use your noggin' -you'll come up with a few more if you think about it long enough.
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