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Hi fellow allnurses. I just need to get a few things off my chest right now. Last year I had a back injury at work and went on workcover. I have two herniated discs, one of which has an annular tear. I managed the injury last... Read More

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    Not that this will make you feel one bit better, it won't, but here is what happened to me, years ago:

    I had such a bad bladder infection that I was huddled down on the med room floor trying to withstand the severe bladder spasms. I was drenched in sweat. A nurse found me and reported my very obvious illness. I was sent home. The phone rang. They were short-staffed. This was a small rural hospital and I knew they needed me. I went back to the hospital. I tried to work but again the bladder spasms kept me bent over. A doc saw me and ordered a UA. The lab called and the specimen was tainted by my menstrual blood. Uh, I have had a hysterectomy and there was no menstrual blood! My DON realized I was in no way making up a severe bladder infection and let me go home again. DANG! It takes a lot to be sick enough to go home...and stay home!

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    Update: It's been an interesting week.

    I informed the CNC of my intentions to go over to the 'dark side' (anaesthetics). She literally panicked because there is no one else there who specialises in hepatobiliary and no one suitable to take over and she 'needs my expertise'. So I told her I would go back if certain conditions are met.

    I want the freeloading nurses who stand around chatting while I'm lifting and doing stuff gone. I shouldn't have to tell experienced nurses to do their job. I want a good teamwork to share the load so we can all be safe.

    If I have to scrub for long cases I want a comfortable chair at the ready. Sorry but if I only have to stand for 3 hours out of the 6 hour operation then I'll sit comfortably thanks and relieve the pressure on my back. The world is not going to cave in if the scrub nurse gets to sit down.

    I want decent mats to stand on. I'll be looking at some next week and ordering them in.

    I informed her that If I or any nurse I'm working with is injured and no relief is given then I'll press the emergency button and state 'circulating nurse required urgently'. If the TL is incompetent I'll go over their heads and make a fool out of everyone because I will NEVER work injured again.

    I'm also sick and tired of working in the same clinic. I've been there two years and I miss doing other operations. I'll still run hepatobiliary but I want 4 days a month in a different specialty clinic (except ortho and neuro) so I can keep my skills updated and to relieve me of the monotony of lap choles.

    So I'll stay in the OR for the moment and give it a try.

    Physiotherapy has also been very helpful, I've been doing abdominal strengthening exercises which are helpful and stretching my legs to relieve the sciatic pressure.

    Oh and yeah I got into Law! It's going to take a few years but it's something to work towards.
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    I also found out the hard way that the only person to take care of me is me. Expecting anything sensible or humane out of the employer is impossible. You have to be proactive for yourself and especially careful for those times when you can't be your own advocate. Try to have a family member or friend act in your behalf when you can't take care of yourself. Sounds as if you might be due for a change of scenery before this environment totally erodes your sense of well being. I would look for a new job if you can work around your problems. Good luck.
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