Can I become a nurse with a hip replacement?

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    I began nursing school six years ago, but dropped out due to personal reasons. Since, I have had a total hip replacement of my right hip joint and have been diagnosed with RA.
    I would really love to go back to nursing school, but I am getting a lot of negative feedback from friends and family who think I have no business going into nursing due to my arthritis. I'm not sure I would be accepted into nursing school again due to my physical disability.
    I just wanted to know other peoples' opinions. Should I continue to pursue a career in nursing or am I just wasting my time?


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    Well all I can say is that we had a LOL resident who contracted RA in her teens.She not only became a nurse but ended up as a ward Sister/Manager. Just how determined are you?
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    I am pretty determined. I know I would make a good nurse. I am aware that I have limitations, but I'm sure there is some area of nursing I can go into. I'm just worried about being accepted into nursing school again due to the hip replacement.

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