Can an employer or potential employer ask for Medical records

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    Hello. I was just wondering this after I was reading about the Nurses on antianxiety or depression medication. I know they can find out during a UA. But what about a potential employer and your medical records. Does HIPPA come into play? I'm currently going to school at the Hospital were I had some Dx of Post partum Depression and some other "not" good Dx. I was just wondering if there is anyway of them finding out about that. It's no longer a issue now, it's the past. Thank you for reading this. And I appreciate your feedback. Hopefully, HIPPA will be my friend

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    I know when I had my employee health screen the nurse was not able to access my medical records. Not even to check my immunizations. So hopefully hippa is on our side, but you never really know. See if they are able to pull up your immunization record via your medical record. If so that's a red flag that they are able to view your past history
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    Whenever I hire a new employee at my assisted living facility, all I know about them medically is whether they can pass their physical capabilities test and their UDS---I never learn what's in the specimen, even if it's positive for some substance.

    Although some employers insist that a potential hire's health history is their business (a position with which I disagree vehemently), HIPAA covers job applicants too.
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