Australia and Learning Disabilities

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    Hiya All,

    I'm currently in my 2nd year at uni studying LD nursing. My partner and I are considering moving to Australia (Somewhere around Melbourne) when i qualify in the summer of next year.

    I was wondering if anyone could point us in the right direction of where to start finding out about visas, jobs, accommodation etc so we can get an idea of the things that we'll need to be doing and how much money we need to saving to move over there!

    Any advice and help would be gratefully received!!



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    There obviously is such a thing here as I found one job description, unfortunately the job offer seems no longer to be open but it should give some clues
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    Thank You very much! I'll have to do alot more research I think!!
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    You will need to be registered or enrolled with the Nurses Board of Victoria.
    There is a contact us link at this address, on the left hand side bar
    Theres some info/link about coming to Australia as a nurse on this page

    Im in South Australia... so cant really help. I love Melbourne though, its prob my fave place other than here... Go check out St Kilda, I love that place!
    Good luck.

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