anyone have advice about IDET procedure?

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    I had an Idet procedure done last week in a surgical center by my Pain management doctor who is certified in that area and is a anesthesiologist.
    My problem is that I have had crappy post procedure instructions and care. The sheet they gave me said that i could expect increased pain for a few days. That i shouldn't shower or remove bandaids for 12 hours. That I should report side effects if they persisted. That I shouldn't return to work the day of procedure but could after that.
    On the 3rd day I called and told the asst. that there was no way i could work since i was taking 2 vicodins just to tolerate lying on the couch. There was no way I could work. I had previously been working 4 hour days on either high risk obstetrics or postpartum carrying out a full assignment other than lifting restriction of 20 lbs. I am constantly standing, bending, twisting, etc. I questioned also that things I read on the Internet (my husband printed it out for me) implied that I should have a back brace and be on strict restrictions. She checked with the doc and said I could stay out of work until I see him next week but that he said i shouldn't worry about what it says on the internet. NOw i'm totally confused. I don't want to mess my back uup more..and the stuff i read implies that too much activity following the IDET can cause problems until that scar tissue has healed?
    any advice?

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    I am very sorry you are having such difficulties. You need to call/be seen by the doc--sooner than next week.

    Unfortunately, it is against the Terms of Service for us to provide any medical advice. Therefore, I need to close this thread.

    We do wish you a speedy recovery and a major improvement in your situation.

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