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Two mornings ago I received a distraught phone call from my mother telling me that my dad, who is suffering with end stage COPD, spine compression fractures, and a distinct lack of proper narcotic... Read More

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    no! Its a sitter for adults. unless they come with a nursing background or proper training, OR just have the talent, you expect them to perform properly when dad goes ballastic.
    The post was good, and dramatic, but the point was clear as to what you father was like. Is he being preped for a ALZ warehouse?
    We used to care for these people years back, and it aint easy. But we were trained and injured a lot for unseen things that they reacted to.

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    Thank you for reminding me I'm part of a team. Yes, combative patients can be loads of fun
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    Care giving is sometimes a thankless job except for the pay check. It is wonderful that you have greatly appreciated this person. Caring for you dad in his current condition is a constant vigilance. I have been there taking care of these patients and it is second to second as they have a certain strength within their frailty and confused states. Whether it is the medications, blood gases off the charts and a combo of everything this is person that needs so much caregiving as safety is a concern.
    I wish your dad and family the best this is very hard to see our parent this way.
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    March 29 ab
    To be a sitter is not an easy task, if you don't have the heart of caring other people you can't just do it, this job is very noble and yet it is belittled, for those who appreciate this work, I salute you
    Thank You
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    That was awesome! Thanks for the laugh! God Bless you and yours!

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    Beautiful, thank you so much for sharing. I am so glad your father is okay! I am currently a CNA, registered to start my LPN program shortly, and I have to say, after quietly caring for so many people in the most basic ways (company, feeding fall prevention, hygiene etc) that the nurses and doctors aren't involved in, few people have ever bothered to thank me or any of the other techs I work with. It's so nice to now that we do good and that at leas someone notices! Bless you!
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    God Bless you! It is so refreshing to know that some people notice what some of us do and the type of personality required. You are a comical writer, i enjoyed reading your post, and your Dad is lucky to have you. xo
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    Oh, and I will beg, borrow and steal NOT to have to sit when asked to at work. I dread it!! I can do many-a-thing, give me 15 demented patients but please, please, please don't put me 1:1!! God bless anyone who is good at this!
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    Sitting is absolutely the worst job in the hospital, and anyone who disagrees has never done it. I am a nurse tech and I get floated to sit a lot because the hospital will pull techs to sit if there are not enough sitters. I can't decide which patients are worst - the dementia patients who are angry and combative and cuss/hit/bite, or the suicide precautions guy I had the other night from 2300-0700 who claimed that he couldn't sleep with any light or noise and turned the TV off, closed the room door, and put the room into total pitch darkness for the whole shift. Every minute feels like an hour when you have no stimulation to keep you awake, aren't allowed reading materials, and just have to stare into the darkness... oh, and did I mention he started masturbating halfway through the night? Ugh.
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