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Hello nurses and nursing students! I just wanted to take a minute and thank all of the nurses that help future nurses everyday while they are in the clinical setting. Nursing students can really... Read More

  1. by   fabinine_eleven
    Nurses like you make all the difference to us student nurses. I just finished my 1st year of nursing school and have had the misfortune of being placed with nurses that the minute they saw this student they turned their lip. Seeing this reaction was very discouraging but on my last clinical of the year I was assigned to the most amazing nurse! She explained, answered, quizzed and challenged me like no other nurse had making my theory class very easy to understand. THANK YOU to all nurses who love their job and who respect nursing students.
  2. by   MBrickle
    A great nurse makes such a difference! I only ever had one nurse that would show me and explain things to me. She was awesome. She won an ICU position but declined. She was on her way to becoming an FNP after a back injury. Such a loss to all future students!
  3. by   azaryrn
    That was nice
  4. by   adnstudent44
    I just finished my first semester of clinical, and I have to say I feel very fortunate to have the instructors I had and will continue to have my last year of nursing school. The main instructor I had this semester really helped "set a tone" for my nursing education. I know that probably sounds...wonky but I don't know how else to put it. My class is about 20 students and we were divided up into four groups split between two facilities. You could tell that students instructed by different professors have a different "rhythm" of sorts and I feel like I really lucked out in having the professor who I think best fit my personal rhythm perfectly. But what was the best was that she didn't let us get too comfortable. All of our instructors are so intelligent and capable, but moreover, they are close with each other. As a result, I feel like my instructor made sure that we will be prepared for next fall when we will rotate through all of the professors as instructors at the hospital. She gave me confidence, but did not hold my hand. She made sure that I worked as independently as possible, but also showed how us nursing students should work together as a team when necessary. There were also many nurses at the facility who had to work with us who didn't really get a choice. But all of the RNs I encountered were compassionate and amazing to work with. I could tell that the facility had way too many schools coming to the same place (one week there were 6 different schools I think) but the RNs did not take it out on the students or the patients. I made sure to be as helpful as possible, but the RNs at the facility taught me so much. I read threads on here sometimes about students who have horrible times, and so I truely do feel lucky to have only encountered amazing nurses so far. The LPNs and CNAs were great too! I learned a lot of hands on things from them as well and learned a lot about patient rapport watching them interact with their patients one on one at the LTC facility.

    It really makes a difference to us newbie nursing students to have such great experiences. I will never forget the people I worked with this semester for my first clinical. I might still have doubts here and there when things get difficult, but I have confidence now and I have many nurses to thank for that.
  5. by   SeattleJess
    [QUOTE=Can'tdragmeaway;7538837] The following link is my most favorite article on how to address these bullying behaviors:


    Can'tdragmeaway, I've tried to access this link several ways and always get "can't find", "broken link" messages. My search found an article from Baylor on "cognitive rehearsal for lateral violence" but that link is broken, too. PubMed had too many articles for me to try them all.

    Any suggestions? Thanks!
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  6. by   Pete RN
    I agree, being a nurse and helping other is paying it forward. One day the new nurses have to take care of us!! Or out parents. Plus its giving back to those who helped you.
  7. by   AussiePupOwner
    I love when I have students because I love teaching.
  8. by   Can'tdragmeaway

    Sorry for my delayed response, as I have not been on the site in a while. The title of the study is, Teaching Cognitive Rehearsal as a Shield for Lateral Violence: An Intervention for
    Newly Licensed Nurses by Martha Griffin. The link is: http://www.drlc4.com/Articles/files/304.pdf. If the link does not work, do a search with the title of the article. It has great tips to deal with non-productive interactions...