Nurses Rule

  1. I just saw this on the Allnurses Nurses Rock facebook site and had to share it. It was in response to the following graphic that Brian posted.

    Nurses Rule this I have heard,
    being a nurse I one time felt this was so absurd.
    Those who hire us always want more,
    they see were worn out tails dragging the floor.

    Some nurses quit won't put up with the bull.
    Whether we stay or we really rule?
    Helping a patient get better, a smile on a face, or holding a hand of one dying their end very near
    with no loved one present, a nurse tries to calmly ease their fear.

    Bosses and doctors need nurses to accomplish many tasks,
    but nurses must have drive and loving caring hearts if were ever to last.
    Yes, most patients think that Nurses Rule,
    they make it so worthwhile...and that is very cool.

    Submitted by Kay Spath

    If you haven't visited the Nurses Rock site yet, go take a look. And if you like what you see, be sure to click LIKE and share it with others.
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  3. by   Brian
    Love it! is the link to our Nurses Rock facebook page.