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To me this is a beautiful story. The students and dying nurse truly rock.... Read More

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    Quote from That Guy
    One our instructors was like this as well. She had a host of medicl issues and was a frequent patient of the students. She did a wonderful job teaching us. Sadly, she passed 3 days before our pinning ceremony.
    That's heavy. Still, at least you had that wonder teacher for a while. Not every student is fortunate to get those experiences. Makes me sad when I hear students talk about their whole program being worthless to them or pure drudgery.

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    LOVED this article! It brought tears to my eyes and hit close to home as my Dad is dying from Melanoma. I never knew so much about skin cancer as I've learned over the next 6 months! I hope I can help teach others from this experience.

    I had a nursing instructor who'd been diagnosed with diabetes at age 3, she was definitely able to use her experience as a patient with a chronic diagnosis to help in her teaching.
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    she will never be forgotten in that institution. amazing!

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