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Here is one to share with your spouse or partner :) Nurse Call button misused once again :D Click Like if you enjoyed it. Please share this with friends and post your comments below!... Read More

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    Quote from brian
    please feel free to print them and share them post them on bulletin boards etc... bathroom stalls.... ok, that may be going a little too far
    you're funny....

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    Teach you to try to train a wife and nurse
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    Quote from esme12
    i was thinking more along the lines of an airway obstruction.......from shoving it down his throat.
    esme12 this makes me lol every time i see it all i want to say is... go right ahead and showed it down his throat... i'll take pictures
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    I had a patient the other night who was very pleasantly demented, she learned that if she pressed the button I would magicly apear like a cheerful genie of nursing. every time i walked into the room she would just giggle at me while i turned off the bell. it was a not so busy, kinda fun good night so it was actually pritty funny. and she was just so cute i couldnt be upset.
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    This patient IS my husband!
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    This patient was my husband back in the day! LOL!
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    At my facility, they have us put our zone phone numbers on the whiteboards, in addition to each patient call light :/ As if it is not bad enough that the phone rings 2-4 times each time I am attempting to assist/medicate/educate a patient with lab, rad, doc, I now have to contend with the patients themselves calling me! Needless to say, whatever patient I am usually with when this happens are less than amused by the third ring. It gets to the point that I will finish what I am doing with said patient before I will answer. I can understand being responsive to our patients, but this is getting ridiculous.

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