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Not to long ago someone submitted a thread about a surgeon stapling sterile drapes to a patient. Crazy don't you think? That had me thinking this morning... What's the craziest thing you have seen at work? Share your... Read More

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    I personally didn't see it but one of our doctors talks about when he was in med school and doing his ER rotation, he had a guy come into the ER with one of those ball pit balls stuck in his rectum. A small part of the ball was showing but no one could figure out how to get ahold of it to remove it. As the ER staff was pondering the best way to get it out and strongly leaning towards sending him up for surgery, an OB doc happened to stop in on his way up to his floor. He caught wind of what was going on, left the area and returned a short time later with the vacuum extractor used in deliveries. He applied suction to the small part of the ball that was showing, braced a foot on the table and gave it a yank. Out popped the ball. I've never asked (and never will) what else might have popped out.

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    I once had a very obese female patient who had been with us for several weeks. This was an inpatient rehab unit and I worked the night shift. She had several large woulds on her buttocks and thighs I needed to dress each am, so I would usually wash her lowers at the same time to save her the pain of going through it all an hour later when the CNAs came in.

    This particular am, I was cleaning her peri area and getting in the labial folds when low and behold.... a ring POPPED out and bounced onto the floor. I just casually picked it up, wiped with with an alcohol swab and set it on the bedside table. Neither of us said a word about it. She was not able to reach her peri area so I really do not know how or when that ring found it's hiding spot.
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    In my second semester of nursing school I had a patient who was admitted for Acute Pancreatitis. I took a look at his intake labs and vitals and about fell out of my chair. His triglyceride levels were 1286 BP 250/180 Blood Glucose was 600+ while I was doing my initial assessment lab came in to draw blood and he had visible fat in his blood I was completely amazed he was even still alive.

    (I didn't witness this one heard it from a fellow student) My friend was on her OR rotation watching a laproscopic GI surgery, the surgeon was sweating profusely and kept breaking off the surgery to lean against the operating table take a few deep breaths and then continue. She finally asked him if he was OK and he said "I'll be fine I'm just passing kidney stones right now"
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    Allergy testing a pt and she tested highly allergic to cats. Of course, she had 8 cats at home (and proceeded to show me pics and give their names). She told me that cats don't speak English, so you need to speak "cat" to make them mind you. She then proceeded to demonstrate how to speak cat. She said she giver her cats a bath weekly by putting them in the shower with her, but she'd tell them it was raining so they wouldn't get mad and jump out. Yep, she's showering herself and cats at the same time. She also mentioned that her goldfish had died and I asked if she gave it a proper flushing. She doesn't flush her goldfish because they can fake it (never seen a goldfish floating belly-up willingly) and they'll drown if you flush them. Yes, the FISH will drown in the toilet. Anyway, I couldn't help myself and asked what she did with her deceased goldfish. Her answer, and I am not making any of this up, is she puts her dead goldfish down the GARBAGE DISPOSAL!!!

    I won the Academy Award that day for keeping a straight face during that conversation. Ugh.

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