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Our job requires cleanliness but this is ridiculous. She missed the backside! :) Do you know of anyone who is like this? coworker? friend? spouse? Click Like if you enjoyed it. Please share this with friends and... Read More

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    I used to take my shoes off before going into the house--but then realized that whatever my shoes were walking on out in the parking lot couldn't be any worse than what's inside the hospital!! So unless you ALWAYS take your shoes off before going into the house (ie Japanese style) it made no sense. I also agree about antibacterial soaps--overuse is contributing to resistent bugs and hampering our children's immune systems. I'm pretty old school--it's still hard for me to put on gloves before helping patients.

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    I'm a little OCD when it comes to washing my hands, sanitizing my work station, etc. I almost fell out when a coworker asked me to help in a room and then she didn't "don" gloves to do pericare and change pads on a postpartum pt who was bleeding!
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    We have to wipe down every high touch surface in our rooms every shift! Fun, fun, love taking the first 20 minutes of my shift cleaning stuff!
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    Just curious. Are you guys as concerned about cleanliness in the workplace as in the home?
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    "Germaphobe? Me? I would never....! Hahahaha!!!"

    Me too! Thought maybe I was the only one! However I am afraid to leave my shoes in the garage...we have black widow pretty predominant in this area and just can't keep them out of the garage!

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