Amazed with how much nurses rock!!

  1. I work part-time at a women's clinic and I am often amazed with the nurses that I work with and their ability to make women feel comfortable and supported. In most situations, before the women meet with the doctor they sit down and chat with a nurse for an assessment and to discuss what brought them to the clinic, their options, etc. We are often in roles of counselling patients about contraception, abortions, miscarriages, etc. Generally, nurses are empathetic, compassionate, good listeners and non-judgemental, which are all essential qualities in situations like this. When I think about the nurses that I work with, and their impact on the women we see at the clinic, I can't help but think that nurses rock. I am often filled with an overwhelming sense of emotion when I see other nurses speak with the patients or listen to them speak of patients and their need for support. I am sure there are many other situations that make nurses feel this way... would love to hear!
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  3. by   Munch
    Yeah I would say that some special people really do work in the women's health care area....especially those that provided services for unwanted pregnancies. I remember many moons ago when I was in my teens, my friend who was (15 or 16 at the time) got pregnant. She definitely was unable to be a parent(her choice...and let me say right off the bat I am not getting into a debate on the law and reproductive rights). Anyway NY state law does NOT require parental consent for teens to terminate their pregnancies, so my friend did not tell her parents about the pregnancy. So my awesome older brother drove us(and picked us up after and never squealed on my friend) to a local women's clinic that provided the services my friend needed(NY state also doesn't allow teens to get a drivers license until age 17). Let me say..the staff members there were absolutely just a cut above the rest. Dealing with scared teenagers a lot of the time must be very difficult and the nurses at this facility we're so compassionate, kind and best of all did not show an ounce of judgement towards my friend. After the procedure was over, they also saved the lecture and instead provided some education and let my friend know her options for safer sex. So I would say yes...women's clinic nurses(and most other staff members) do indeed rock. I know the nurses that helped my friend gave her a soft place to fall and to this day we still talk about how comfortable the ladies at that clinic made her feel.
  4. by   amygarside
    nice story.. great nurses possess good communication and social skills and also empathy