What is your favorite quote used in recovery

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    I know that quotes are just one vital part of my recovery. What is yours? One that I like is " the worst thing I have ever lived through never happened."

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    There are so many quotes to choose from! Here's one of my favorites:

    "As an addict, I'm not a bad person trying to become good. I have a chronic, progressive, potentially fatal disease and I'm trying to become well."

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    "Don't judge your insides by other people's outsides".

    I am constantly reminding myself of this because I can get really caught up in negative self-talk and self-sabotage by holding myself up against others, especially in recovery. I spent the first 8 months or so worried because someone I was in rehab with was on Step 5 or 6 while I was still toodling along on 2 or 3. I've come to accept that whenever I try to compare myself to others, I will always fall short because of one simple fact: my perception of things is WARPED! So I see things differently than how they really are. That girl in my women's meeting who I think has it all together? Who knows what goes on in her head, her heart, her life outside of meetings, etc. I worry about myself these days and try not to concern myself what everyone else is doing or how I "stack up" next to them. Keeps me much more peaceful and serene!!
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    "All it takes to make an AA meeting is two drunks, a coffee pot, and a resentment." I also like "Let go or be dragged."
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    "each day a new beginning" also the name of a book
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    "One drink is too many, a thousand is not enough." A reminder about how it really is.
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    “Live and let live”
    It took me a bit to figure out, what does it really mean? I think it sets us free from the compulsion to judge, condemn, and retaliate which really harms us more than the individual we are using those weapons against. I carry this one as a gem in my pocket to remind me the sickness takes many forms!
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    Here's another one I always have running around in my head, lest I think I can drink or take a pill like a "normal" person:

    "It's not the caboose that will kill ya"

    Because it's not....it's the front of the damn train. It's that first drink, drug, or pill. You don't take the first one, you don't get what follows....the caboose. So it's not the end, but the beginning, that will be your demise. So I just picture that....getting nailed by the front of a speeding train anytime the "b*tches in the attic" (that's that I call the committee in my head) start whispering that maybe, just maybe I'm not like all of "you" and I CAN handle one or two, etc. It's enough for me to tell them to shut the hell up and then I get my rear end to a meeting! Can you tell I work in a psychiatric clinic? I fear it's beginning to rub off....lol.
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    while in rehab i saw a quote that said "nothing changes if nothing changes" which has become my particular favorite now a days. things changed and so did i.
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    "Just for today"

    I say this to myself ALL the time. I don't have to worry about yesterday because it's gone. There isn't a **** thing I can do about it. And I don't have to worry about tomorrow because it's not here yet. All I have to worry about is staying clean "just for today".
    There's a saying that goes along with that.....

    "If you have one foot on yesterday and the other foot on tomorrow, then you're ******* on today"
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