Transferring from IPN FL to Georgia?

  1. Does anyone have any experience leaving Florida and moving to another state successfully? I have family in Atlanta and have strongly considered moving to Georgia. Of course it'd have to be with the IPN approval and what not. How is the program in Georgia? Are there positions for nurses like us?!
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  3. by   Junebug59
    i'm currently in IPN-FL. I have a friend that transferred from IPN to Ga. he stated that Ga was way behind on their program. his words, ''they don't have their %&^# together". very unorganized. apparently from what I've gathered, IPN Fl set the module for all the other states, so it is much better organized and structured. I think FL was the first state to begin a monitored program for impaired nurses. are you based in Jacksonville? the reason I ask is i'm going to my nursing support group in Tallahassee. the whole city has only 1 group. the facilitator is leaving and IPN is looking for someone to replace her. I really don't get much out of this group. the nurses in this group are really clickish. i'm pretty much not included. the facilitator doesn't really care to help me when I need advice, etc. I live in ga and drive. same distance for me to change to J-ville. I am thinking of transferring to J-ville where there are multiple group meetings and better access to referrals for a job. how long have you been in IPN? any advice? I can get more info from my friend about his transfer for you if you like!
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    I signed my contract a week ago. I attend my first support group meeting on Monday. I haven't had much luck on the job front but I am very restricted with what I can and cannot do. Yes I am in Jacksonville. Please ask him about how the program works for him there for me. Thank you!