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My name is Mary and I am an addict/alcoholic. I am starting nursing school in Sept. and would like to buddy up with other students who are also in recovery. I am also seeking some good on line recovery meetings. I live in a... Read More

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    The starting up of the meeting is a great idea. Good luck with that. I'm not sure how long you went to the other group meeting. I noticed you said you were from a small town. How far are you from a larger city? If not too far you may try a meeting there. Over the last 7 years in recovery I have met nurses, doctors, lawyers in recovery. Lots of them. I went through Texas Peer Assistance Program for Nurses (TPAPN) and was told that 1 in 5 of us (medical field) are "impaired." This disease does not discriminate. You can email me anytime.
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    Hi Mary....I am also a student nurse that starts 08/18/08. I am also in recovery. My name is James and I love the program. There are days that I am really thankful for the tools that have been given me. I live in Los Angeles and there are a lot of meetings here. Did you try the AA website for online meetings.

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    I am in my 3rd block of a 5 semester program and will have 23 years clean on Aug 13 (and I don't believe I'll be picking up between then and now). NS is tough!!! Some days I think what am I doing? Why didn't I go X-ray or something??? Addict or not, it is not easy; at least not for me. However, just like recovery, some days I just have to put my head down and keep moving forward. Over the years, I have found that the most important thing I can do in any endeavor I undertake, is to take care of my recovery first and everything else will fall into place!!!

    Being and addict/alcoholic is not a disability or a handicap; it makes us better and stronger. We are survivors!! So when times get tough, be like Dory from "Finding Nemo" and just "keep on swimming"!