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So I'm fuming right now...and scared. The story in summary:I am a critical care RN with 4 years experience, working full time in a cardiac ICU. I have struggled with anorexia and bulimia since my teens, unfortunately never... Read More

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    Quote from monkeybug
    That may not be breach of confidentiality, but calling her mother probably was.
    that is the interaction/action to which I was referring/....

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    Firstly, thank you for the advice re: a written complaint. Makes sense.

    Second...weight alone can not make someone impaired in my opinion. This weight is only slightly lower than what I've weighed for years...I've never been more than 84% IBW. I'm not saying its healthy...but I'm no more at risk because of my weight than a 350lb nurse working. behaviors do create risks which could interfere with my job. Currently they are not, though I know that's where I am heading if I don't turn things around.
    Start a partial program on Tuesday...scared but ready to fight!
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    To OP - good luck with your struggles. I have my own on the opposite end.
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    I'd be speaking with the supervisor of the social worker. I would also see what your state's BON has to say about what does and does not have to be reported. Seems to me as though this could be a hipaa violation, particularly calling your mother.

    Also, there are rules that govern mental health professionals, and they vary from state to state. Where I used to live, the number of things that a social worker could/should report were very few, mostly having to do with ongoing abuse/neglect of a minor, the elderly, or the disabled - or current threats to kill someone.
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    Just thought I'd come back & update:
    I started a partial/day program this week, which is about 30hrs a week. Amazingly it works around my full time job. It's a lot/busy...but I really want to make it work!
    Already I'm doing's so hard, but having the support and structur is making it doable. As much as I'm scared and uncertain, I'm also relieved to now be on track to win the battle!
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    That's great that you started the program! I hope it's beneficial for you. Good luck juggling the program with your FT job. The support and structure of a day program is great, although I've never done a day program and been able to work at the same time.
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    WOW---Im sorry you are going through this. This is why I encourage all nurses, esp, students to be familiar with what the BON can discipline for---it is crazy! DO NOT contact the board or give any statements w/o legal council. It sucks, but u need a liscense defense lawyer ASAP! Good luck and get well soon!

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