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:wavey::yelclap: Just wanting to know if there are any recovering nurses out there?? Share some of your stories c another recovering RN.... Read More

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    its hard to get started in recovery i have had my denial also but now they say i am in sustained remission, sounds good but will i get hired?I pray I can go back into nursing and help others recover from this illness of addiction, so many do no understand and instantly attack because of their own weakness, it scares them,I am hoping I can be patient and continue my career,,pray for me...thanks
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    all u can do is take good care of yourself emotionally and physically, make sure u deal with any barrier issues and have a lot of support people.I have been in recover for 2 plus years now and going strong .I have had many obstacles and the only way to deal with it all is to step back and think before u act and definetely go over any schetchy areas in your recovery with your sponsor and recovery group, get ideas and finally, this is only temporary, it can be put into remission.
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    Keep your recovery first and everything else will fall into place. Anything placed before recovery (job, marriage, children, house, etc.) will go away. It's like being on a jet plane without a pressurized cabin. Take off your oxygen mask and everything disappears pretty quickly (hypoxia has a way of doing that! ). It's tough to be there for anyone else when you're falling apart because you're not remaining clean and serene.

    Keep coming back!

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    Yes.. I am in recovery and have been for three years
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    I am a recvering RN. I have worked trama nursing for the past 25 yrs. I have been clean for the past 3 yrs. Anyone out there that can give me advice on testing positive for benadryl? apparently its own the ABON as a big nono, I havent looked at that paper since i began this honest program and i think im in a fix now. Anyone have any history on what im looking at with the board?
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    Quote from dtgaup
    I am a recovering nurse who voluntarily surrendered my license in March 2007 for diverting pain meds. I am in the Alternative program in nevada, and will be getting my license, with conditions, back in November 2007. I will be monitored for 5 years. I have learned alot about the disease of addiction, and am in a good program. I am nervous about obtaining employment with my conditional license. I don't know who will hire a nurse with addiction issues. I am leaving it in God's hand. I have been an ICU/CCU nurse for 12 years, and I can't go back to that right now due to my issues with the BON. I will have to learn another area of the field, which is good. Any suggestions for employment out there?
    I'm also in Nevada and entered into a monitoring agreement in 2008. I know this is an old post and you are probably off contract (or getting ready to get off) but I found a great job in an outpatient psychiatric clinic. I've been here since July 2009, after a short stint at Liberty Dialysis, which proved to be less than ideal for me. I'm also a former ICU nurse (worked at Washoe and Carson Tahoe). I have NO interest in returning to hospital nursing and enjoy my Mon-Fri, 7 to 4 job....with an entire hour for stuffing my food down my throat in 10 minutes because I'm worried that a patient is going to extubate themself! I also never have to work weekends or holidays, which is great, considering I have three kids. Again, I hope everything is going well for you and you made it to the end of your contract! Mine will be up in March 2014 :-)
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