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  1. So, long story short...I had a legal issue that came up in 2004 which resulted in my surrendering my license. I have since had my record expunged and have a clean background and can legally deny any legal issues as if it never took place. My license in the state where I surrendered it has since reinstated my license without restriction and I have also acquired an unencumbered licensure in another state. What about the question in employment applications about whether or not I have had a license revoked, suspended, etc.? I'm assuming I have to say yes to that question but it would really require an explanation of the expunged issue. So, should I just answer "yes" and then say it was related to an incident that has been expunged and was subsequently reinstated without restriction and leave it at that? Otherwise, I'm always going to have to basically mention the expungement every time I complete an application when I shouldn't have to. Your thoughts???
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  3. by   NurseGuyBri
    If you pull your criminal history check, does your expunged record show? If so, I would be honest and include in on your application. As a hiring manager, I prefer to be told up front. I generally do not dig if you're honest and forward. If it does not show and you are SURE it is expunged and not on the record, then you should legally not have to disclose the information.