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  1. So here is my story... I was addicted to narcotics after a severe shoulder injury. I was diverting demerol from my employer because i thought I needed it. I admitted what had been happening, voluntarily surrendered my nursing licenses, and went to rehab. Until this point I had never had any drug/alcohol or legal issues. When I got back from rehab I was fired and arrested, being charged with felony drug charges. With 2 young children and a husband that was NOT supportive my first year and a half was rough. My husband would put me down for being so stupid, not making enough money, and going to NA/AA/ meetings and counseling. During this time period I was convicted with the drug felonies and sentenced to jail time (30) days and 2 years of probabtion. About a year and a half of being clean I caught my husband having an affair. He rationalizes that his affair was "ok" because I had a drug problem. Which he still says being an addict isn't a real disease. Nonetheless, our divorce will be final next month.

    I am not 3 years into being clean and I have questions and would like advice...

    -When all of this happened I made a HUGE mistake by not getting a lawyer for my nursing license at the insistance of husband at the time. ( I did although pay $8,0000 for my legal lawyer, so I am broke.) I entered into an aggreement with the OBN that after 5 years I can petition the board to get my licenses back. Do I have to stick to this aggreement or can I get a lawyer now and try to get them back sooner?

    -If I do get my licenses back what is the likely hood that I will be able to find a job with a felony conviction?

    Most importantly, are there any support groups for nurses in north eastern ohio? Is there anyone else who has gone through something similar?

    Thanks so much!
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  3. by   mona1023
    Only an attorney experienced with dealing with the BON in your state would be able to answer your questions regarding license reinstatement.

    Are you in a monitoring program? If so, the staff there should be able to provide some guidance. If not, I would suggest documenting your efforts in recovery like meeting attendance, etc.

    I hope your ex will honor his financial obligations with your children because it will undoubtedly be a long road ahead. Congratulations on your sobriety and take it one day at a time.
  4. by   sofla98

    heck out this website/attorney. She specializes in cases involving the Ohio BON. I came across her site while writing a paper.

    Good Luck with your sobriety. I'm sure it is rough, so just take one day at a time. Don't ever look back on that point of your life and see it as a failure. Learn from it, sure, but let it give you strength rather than weakness.