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Hi, I'm a recent graduate. I applied for my license and disclosed my prior criminal infractions from 1999. I received notification to have a drug and alcohol eval, which I did, and just heard today that despite it going well... Read More

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    Look into drug rehabs, I know several new nurses that graduated last year that received employment at rehab facilities even though they have restrictions. I will probably be in the same boat here shortly. I graduated in may at the very top of my class; I have only 4 years of sobriety but I am 23 and I have the equivalent to a third degree felony on my record from when I was a juvenile. I sent in all of the paperwork two months ago and haven't heard anything yet. My lawyer is really trying to get me a license without restrictions considering that I was so young and have not had any issues since and have amazing reference letters but I am not counting on anything. Good luck!
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    Quote from OCNRN63
    Pennsylvania is still in the 19th century in many ways. I hope your attorney can help you.

    PA is VERY VERY VERY (did I mention VERY) notorious for not being friendly to ex cons, ESPECIALLY anything regarding drug activity...More like branding one with a scarlet letter

    I don't know of you have a lawyer yet, get one ASAP...and make sure they can work on that pardon for you as well. Best wishes.
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    Thanks everyone for the advice. There is a small glimmer of hope-I got a call today that they seem to have decided to offer me the VRP program. That's huge then as I won't start with a tainted license. I also spoke to the woman who did my eval, who emphatically states she did not sign it nor would she have said I needed monitoring. I think it boils down to they are just scared to allow me to practice freely with my history, no matter how many years ago it was. And I have to accept that. It is good news though if they allow me to do this voluntarily. It will be a pain in the butt and expensive, but I feel slightly more hopeful knowing that in the end my license will be clean. It was devastating to think of going through all their requirements and STILL having a mark, before I even begin. God has a purpose for me and I don't think he would have led me down this road so successfully if He didn't have a purpose in mind! Just figuring out what it is!!! I appreciate all your support and hope to continue to talk with others in similar situations!
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    I am in a similar situation...just had my RN license reinstated following a 2 year suspension, was SO excited to finally return to the nursing profession...and no one will give me a chance at employment. SO DISCOURAGED! I keep telling myself that God has a purpose for me also...but my heart is breaking.
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    Awh, Sharon--I wish you lots of luck!! It baffles me that the very establishment that calls addiction a disease seems to treat it as a moral defect. I haven't even begun to look for work or had permission to take my boards until I have met some requirements. After 13 years, 3 kids, running a business with my husband, and being a full time nursing student I wasn't attending meetings very often and that was not acceptable to the board. I think it boils down to they just couldn't let me practice free and clear knowing I have a history. Hopefully I can find work somewhere that will meet their approval and plug through these years ahead of me. I knew it would be hard work but a small part of me thought they would see who I am today, not who I was 14 years ago! I hope that any potential employers will see who you are today!!
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