New grad, required monitoring...where do I look for a job? New grad, required monitoring...where do I look for a job? - pg.2 | allnurses

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New grad, required monitoring...where do I look for a job? - page 2

Hi, I'm a recent graduate. I applied for my license and disclosed my prior criminal infractions from 1999. I received notification to have a drug and alcohol eval, which I did, and just heard today... Read More

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    I am in a similar situation...just had my RN license reinstated following a 2 year suspension, was SO excited to finally return to the nursing profession...and no one will give me a chance at employment. SO DISCOURAGED! I keep telling myself that God has a purpose for me also...but my heart is breaking.
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    Awh, Sharon--I wish you lots of luck!! It baffles me that the very establishment that calls addiction a disease seems to treat it as a moral defect. I haven't even begun to look for work or had permission to take my boards until I have met some requirements. After 13 years, 3 kids, running a business with my husband, and being a full time nursing student I wasn't attending meetings very often and that was not acceptable to the board. I think it boils down to they just couldn't let me practice free and clear knowing I have a history. Hopefully I can find work somewhere that will meet their approval and plug through these years ahead of me. I knew it would be hard work but a small part of me thought they would see who I am today, not who I was 14 years ago! I hope that any potential employers will see who you are today!!