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I can't tell you how blessed I feel to have found this forum subcategory. I'm an addict in recovery.. two years on April 6th!.. and a nursing student, and I feel like sometimes I don't have anyone to talk to who REALLY gets... Read More

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    Sorry to hear about your trouble longhornfan. Don't let the bitterness eat you up, you where it will lead. But we're also here to listen is you want to rant, that's o.k. Doing the right thing always prevails in the long run. Hang in there.

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    I. also, am sorry for your bitterness., Longhorn. That must feel really awful. I remember midway through my state's 5 year SARP (substance abuse rehab program), complaining to my AA sponsor about some of the requirements that seemed to me to be unnecessarily rigorous since by then I had several years of sobriety. I'll never forget her response. "This is the wreakage of YOUR past and you don't have to do what they say but if you choose not to, they have the right to revoke your license". That was many many years ago but I've never forgotten it. I listened to her, continued to do what was asked of me, including not eating poppyseed rolls (which I love), and after 5 years I was discharged from SARP with a clean record and there is no record of any of this on my license. I did what was needed to clear up the wreakage of my past. I also considered this a part of making amends to patients I might have harmed during my active disease (I did divert drugs). I have no idea who they might be for the most part but this was another active way I could make amends, other than just changing my behavior which I did do, of course. Good luck.
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    Welcome Alli, Glad you're here.

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