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Hello, my name is Robi and I am new to this site and I'm not even sure if I deserve to be here, but I have a question that I hope someone can help me with. I was a licensed Practical Nurse in the... Read More

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    Quote from D Garcia
    I had my license officially revoked in 2006 for diverting narcotics. I stopped practicing immedieately (in 2001) once I was notified by my employer that there would be an investigation. I think I tried working for a registry for about a week because I needed to keep making the house payment, but I realized I had no business trying to give patient care. I was put in diversion by the BRN and droped out shortly afterwards because I relapsed, and was extremely frustrated. Since 2001 I have over 8 years sobriety and have given serious thought to returning to nursing if at all possible, after all, I was a damned good nurse. I'm a little apprehensive because in 2004 I got a felony joy riding. That's right, joy riding of all things. I borrowed a friends car who was going through a bitter divorce, it was reported stolen... joy riding. I also recently discovered that I owe the BRN $36,000, the cost of the investigation, none of which I have even attempted to pay back due to my income, and of course a horrible economy. Any thoughts, suggestions, words of encourgement, hints.... HELP!! ANYONE!!!
    I think what you've said here is actually a cause for optimism: You've hit bottom. Therefore, there is nowhere to go but UP.

    I don't mean that flippantly, either. You have literally had your world yanked out from underneath you, and yet you still are alive and functioning and trying to get back into nursing. That's half the battle won, right there! The trick now is to "eat the elephant one bite at a time", instead of trying to fix everything at once.

    First of all, congratulate yourself on your sobriety! Without that intact, nothing else will be possible for you; with it, you can do ANYTHING.

    Secondly, let's take apart the problem. Your license was revoked six years ago, and you had a felony conviction eight years ago that was not assault/battery, theft, abuse, rape, murder, or any of the other things that permanently disqualify a nurse from licensure. You'll have to check with your state's BRN to see which crimes are permanent DQs, but I seriously doubt your 'joyride' would be one of them.

    People change in 6-8 years' time. They change a lot! They grow, they mature, they get better at discerning truth and accepting responsibility for their lives. I know I've changed a great deal since have you, I'm sure. The board may recognize that as well.

    Repayment of the money you owe them for the investigation may well be required before you're able to be reinstated as a licensed nurse, and that's a sticky wicket, but I'd advise you to ask them straight out if you could be placed on a payment plan. Maybe all you can afford is $25 a month, but isn't that a better show of good faith than nothing at all? Perhaps they will negotiate with you and start small, then work up to a higher payment once you're back in nursing and making decent wages. You can always ask; the worst they can do is say no.

    A refresher course will also be necessary since you've been out of nursing for several years. Consider this an investment in your career that will pay benefits for many years to come.

    I hope this at least helps you get started on the road to reclaiming your life. Wishing you the best!
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    I applied for reinstatement for my LPN license. They want to deny it because I answered NO to a drivers license question. I didn't even think about it. so they are saying that I did it knowingly. They have my hearing scheduled for august 28th. do I need a lawyer to help me get my license back. they have been suspended twice and now revoked. this was in aug 2011.
  3. 1 is the first lengthy thread I've ever read all the way through. The cries for help and displays of the soul ripped at my heart. More then that you have conquered and are are now putting yourselves out there in hopes for the future.

    I got to say I thought I had problems but you guys take the ultimate cake in courage, conviction, and hope. I know you have planted seeds of change in many others that are or were in the same situation as all of you. I know the inspiration comes from your hearts and is felt by this forum with every word.

    Never give up...these multiple displays of absolute courage and sincere faith has given me a renewed hope for all of us.

    Stand tall, keep the belief, you will succeed.

    All of you make me sincerely proud to be part of this forum.
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