Just finished a great book about one nurse's struggle w/addiction

  1. I've been wanting to read this book for quite some time and finally received it from Amazon.com. Just finished reading it and I would highly recommend it for anyone in any stages of recovery. I can't even begin to describe the goosebumps I would get when reading a passage that could have been written out of my own mind. I know that alcoholics and addicts all share this common bond but it's amazing to see it there, in black and white, as it pertains to the world of nursing. This book also made me VERY grateful for our state program. Connecticut (where Patty lived and worked as an RN) didn't have any such program in place until a few years back. The struggle she faced with other RN's in recovery to implement this program astounded me. I can't imagine any entity fighting such a program, but Connecticut's Department of Health did just that. Reading Patty's experience as a nurse in recovery and the lessons she learned along the way gives me that much more hope and strength. It's a poignantly written account of one nurse's struggle in coming to terms with addiction and her experiences as she walked the road of recovery. Many times through this book, I had tears in my eyes because I felt as though it could have been me talking.

    Impaired: A Nurse's Story of Addiction and Recovery by Patricia Holloran
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