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Even though I haven't posted my concern yet, I feel so relieved to have found this forum....tonight, alone, worried, and in pain. Jan 5th while walking down the street enjoying a little reprieve... Read More

  1. by   Kashia
    Hello everyone,

    I want to thank you all for your insights and advice..and support.
    I kind of dropped of Allnurses for a bit but did read posts that were there. So I return today and see there were more of you and just thank you so much.
    A little up date....Bone pain is painful!
    I ended up talking with the pharmacist, as I remembered they really are more knowledgeable in this area. I discussed with him what I was taking, and how I was lowering doses in relation to decreased pain level. He said he thought I was doing really well. Advised me not to stop all at once but decrease about 20% each time I lower. That plan is working well.
    My pain level at rest is much better, 0/10..yeah!.
    Now I am in PT and ice but still taking some meds and feel ok about it....
    Thank you all again, Love and in health, Kashia