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    So, I'm an RN who was discharged from the diversion program or IPN (As it's also known it seems) about a year and a half ago. I entered in originally in 2002. During that time I relapsed, was placed on probation, and then suspension. FINALLY I got it together. Worked a program, both feet it, stayed sober and got out. I went back to school two years ago and now I'm 2 semesters away from graduating from the FNP program. Part of the reason I went back is so I'd never have to touch, count, or be responsible for narcotics again. Anyway, I'm busy and I forgot to renew my nursing liability insurance. When I got it in 2008-my job requires it- they never asked me about diversion, or disciplinary action. Now they're a lot more savvy. Because I let it lapse I had to reapply. Now they ask things like "has your license ever been suspended, revoked, placed on probation, blah, blah, blah." OK maybe it doesn't say the blah parts. Anyway I had to answer and guess what? DENIED! Now on applications not only do I have to say yes to that question but I also have to say yes to "have you ever been denied for liability insurance?" Ive never had a claim, a lawsuit, an allegation except for what I did with diversion. But that wasn't stealing from patients. NO WAY! (ok, well at least they don't know that) No, I was taking control of my addiction. I was calling in my own scripts. Ugh. By the Grace of God. Really and truly Thank God I don't get what I deserve. Because if I got what I deserved I'd be...ok I've regressed. Anyway, I am grateful to my sobriety and this life I've been given. But I'm stressed and scared. What If nobody insures me and I can't practice? I feel like I've turned my life around and it just never goes away. Im so bummed and all because I was late. Please!! Does anyone know where I can get insured? Where people with a past *gasp* will still be allowed to be accepted as the professionals we are. Thanks so much!!

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