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Ok, I think I may have screwed up a little bit, but I recently got fired from a hospital who suspected me of diversion, and the allegations brought forth to me said nothing about diversion and I hired an attorney who helped me... Read More

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    I didn't get the feeling that the OP was putting down long term care or dialysis nursing. Different strokes for different folks right? While I expect that when I'm allowed to work again it will be in dialysis or LTC, it wouldn't be my first choice. Does this make me a bad person or undeserving of a chance to work in those fields? Of course not. Will I make the best of a bad (or less desirable) situation? Of course I will!

    We're here to support each other. And that means not taking offense where it isn't intended. If you WANT to get offended by something, you will. That doesn't mean it was the intended outcome. Eleanor Roosevelt said that "No one can make you feel inferior without your permission." I would extend that in this thread to mean, "No one can insult your chosen profession without your permission."

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    I was a critical care nurse for 8 years before I diverted narcs. I went to dialysis after I started probation and I LOVE IT!!! I truly learn something new all the time, whether it be different ways to access a site or how each patient reacts differently to a hypotensive episode. Dialysis has kept me on my toes. It is fast pace and you use your nursing knowledge all the time. I have also thoroughly enjoyed getting to know my patients and their family members. In a way, I feel my sense of compassion has returned. Let me clarify by saying I AM NOT stating critical care nurses are not compassionate. I am using my case as an example. I worked in an extremely busy ER and I lost touch with the compassionate side of myself, and I feel that was one of the triggers to my using.

    I am thankful everyday for my manager believing in me and giving me the opportunity to work there. I had a lot of doors slammed in my face, and by the grace of God I found the job in dialysis. I've made some big mistakes. I didn't learn the first time around either. But everyday I wake up, I thank God for my family, my sobriety, and my job. I agree with prior comments that it is a tough road, and I LOVE the comment 'grab the bull by the horns.' That is what we have to do. There are better days ahead. And again, I will tell you, I am a former critical care nurse who LOVES her dialysis job. You truly have an opportunity to make a difference in these patients lives!!
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    I posted most of my story above but my question is why for the rest of your life are you going to have to tell an employer that you diverted and that you were on probation?? At some point, your license will stop saying that you are on probation if you complete the states program right?? (that is the way it is in PA) so when that happens and you go for a new job...why be that honest when you dont have to be. We are looked at differently, us addicts I mean. So whenever it is dont need to be that forthcoming because the record will be sealed. That is to say that you are still recovered and clean!!! You can do this. It has taken me 3 yrs since I worked last and countless applications to every place I could think of and FINALLY I got a job..a rehab facility is giving me a there is hope when you think there isnt any hope left. Someday i want to be a source of hope for people that have given up because I was about to give up and now I have a part time job until my narc restriction is gone!!! When I am expunged AND when I have completed the state program I will know that BUT I will not tell a new employer...
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    My daughter, who has been a nurse all of 7 years received her first DUI last year. She pled guilty because she knew the DA probably had her lab results. At present she is only allowed to work in a hospital or dialysis unit and is not allowed to work the night shift at all. She has been out of work for 3 weeks and is a single mom to a 15 y.o. She will lose her home (she lost the first home to Hurricane Katrina). I am just so sad and depressed over her situation. I am her mom and there is nothing I can do. Mom's are supposed to make things right! BTW in our state if you have a criminal record may not enter the Recovery Nurse Program.
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    To make us really feel bad, an RN, who was my preceptor was caught 'shooting up' on the job, by myself and another nurse. She was reported, was out of work for about a month and back on the job on the day shift full time. She did ultimately screw up and voluntarily surrendered her license. Moral here: if you shoot up on the job, you'll fare better than with other infractions while off the job.
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    In response to ChristiRN:
    It is very likely that for future jobs your applications will consist of something like "Has your professional license ever been on probation, suspended or revoked?" or you will be asked about why you left a previous job. I am not sure if any discipline is expunged, it may be restored with out restrictions however there is a history or comments section that shows any past disciplinary action.
    I think it will be difficult to dodge the past, honesty is always the best policy.

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