Finding a job after discipline in AR

  1. 0 I have had my listener reinstated after I surrendured it for a year after diversion. I am required to attended AA/NA meetings three times a week and check in daily for random drug tests. I have 12 years experience most in MS and ICU. As part if my probation I cannot work in ICU. I have sent several apps on line, but because of the "have you ever been dismissed" and " have u ever had discipline against ur license" questions that they are getting set aside. Anyone else in Arkansas having the same problems? Suggestions?
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    I am in the ARBON monitoring program with a consent agreement. I recently got a job. Where are you in Arkansas? If you don't want to post it here then you can email me at I will be happy to tell you a few places that will even consider a probation RN If we are in the same area. I never filled the online applications out. I mailed a rsum with a cover letter telling them I was on probation. That way if they called me for an interview then they were already aware if it and I just had to explain it.

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