Does anyone know the CA BRN laws on if a person is placed on probation and during th

  1. Does anyone know the CA BRN laws on if a person is placed on probation and during their probation period they surrender their license and it is excepted by the BRN. When and if you can regain your license back does the probation become null and void no longer required to participate in? I didn't quit understand the BRN probation guidelines on the subject this is what it says..." Upon formal acceptance of the tendered license and wall certificate, respondent will no longer be subject to the conditions of probation." I have an option what that means but it is too important to just guess what it means. Also, does anyone know what you need to do to get your license back once you have surrendered it. Lastly I have one more BRN statement I don't understand that I would like someone to interrupt for me. I thought I was told that if I were to surrender my license for medical purposes I only have one year before I have to request for it to be reinstated. But this BRN statement seems to be the exact opposite from what I thought I was told. This is the BRN statement..."A registered nurse whose license has been surrendered may petition the Board for reinstatement no sooner than the following minimum periods from the effective date of the disciplinary decision:
    (1)Two years for reinstatement of a license that

    was surrendered for any reason other than a
    mental or physical illness; or
    (2)One year for a license surrendered for a mental or physical illness."
    If anyone knows the answers to my questions please let me know I'm afraid to call the BRN and ask them in fear they will hold my questions against me. Thanks
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