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I am curious to know if there are any networking paths, IN MARYLAND, for those who checked themselves in on Sept. 25th in 2004 and never renewed and then went up to the board last week and confessed all and will be getting a... Read More

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    I agree with Islandnurse007. I worked in a dialysis unit after getting my (narcotic) restricted license back. After my restriction got lifted, I moved to another dialysis company. Dialysis is a great place to work if you have disciplinary actions. I don't miss working in med/surg or critical care either. I only work 3 days a week including every other Saturdays (no Sundays). Some facilities don't even do weekends at all. Nice to spend time with your kids.

    Do I sound like a hemodialysis recruiter? lol!

    Good luck!
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    Well, I worked in LTC and I worked with a couple people that had been through rehab and on probation. Basically, the only thing they could not do was have access to the Narcotic keys. Other than that, nothing different! Both people I worked with were awesome Nurses, too! They were smart, efficient and kind.
    Everyone (Nurses) were aware of their situation, but we weren't there to be judging. We were so incredibly busy, I don't know how one would have time to think about some else's probation anyway. We worked as a team and I was thankful I had such great people to work with.
    You will be able to work in places that have narcotics, you just may not be able to hold the key to have direct access to them. Every institution has different policies from what I understand.
    Good luck...I know that you will do just fine!
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    Thank you so much, ladies!

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