Any experience with Ohio BON and Court?

  1. Hi there,

    I am just beginning the whole recovery process and am filling out the application for "Alternative to Discipline" program. I am still facing court related issues, but my attorney assures me that "treatment in lieu of conviction" is pretty much a sure thing. From what he tells me, the judge that presides over "drug court" requires that healthcare professionals attend a 90 day lock-in program of rehab. I am fine with doing that, I was just wondering if anyone has had experience with this type of thing, either in Ohio or amywhere else. I am trying to prepare myself for what is coming.
    Any advice you can send my way would be much appreciated.
    Also, the "alternative program" last 3 years, how often do you get tested during a year and how does it work? Do they call you or what? I am a travel/agency nurse so I do know that the cost of testing comes out of my pocket.
    Like I said any info you can provide.
    Thanks in advance,
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    We can't provide any advice as this is something that can only be answered by your lawyer or BON as we don't know each individual case/circumstances. Good luck and take care