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Even though I haven't posted my concern yet, I feel so relieved to have found this forum....tonight, alone, worried, and in pain. Jan 5th while walking down the street enjoying a little reprieve from the blizzard and snowfall,... Read More

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    True "addiction" taks a bit longer to develop than 4-5 weeks. Even if you do need analgesics long enough to develop a physical addiction, it's just a matter of weaning off the meds more slowly. There is a difference between being physicaly dependent on a medication from extended use and being a drug abuser. Do you have a previous history of addiction problems (drug or alcohol)? Are you taking the meds for a reason other than pain? Honestly, take what you need to manage the pain. It does warrent talking to your MD about alternative therapies-NSAIDS,heat,cold,slow release analgesics.., just because the side effecte of short acting narcotics can be worse than the pain after a while. One thing I did notice- you seem to be trying to "gut it out" until you just can't take the pain anymore- then try to get relief with your pain meds. Not very effective pain management. Take something for pain at the onset of discomfort that is interfering with you daily activities. Once you have the pain under control, keep it under control. You will use less pain meds in the long run if you treat eariler with less, rather than try to catch up to the pain when it is unbearable. As far as your kids' problem with using medication for pain management- break his leg to see if it helps him gain a new perspective! Teaching is part of a nurses job.

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    Hope you are starting to get some relief. Bone pain is one of the worst, I've been there myself with multiple rotator cuff surgeries. I think as long as your MD knows your concerns, he will work with you and wean you off when it's appropriate. You need the med for a legitimate reason. Alternating the motrin is probably a good idea. See what your MD says.
    I have had a problem myself with prescription drug addiction. I think you sound like you have a good head on your shoulders.
    You will get through this.
    Good Luck
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    I have never been a drug addict. Though, I can say that I have been on pain meds for six weeks or rather doctor wrote them for six weeks. I was so afraid of becoming an addict that I stopped taking them after TWO days. However my older sister takes pain meds for her back. I often wonder how she can take so many, that make her act the way she does. I know she must be in some pain but does she really need to be on FIVE different ones? So I understand the part about you son's reaction, cause I often want to tell my sister to stop the drugs or I will stop talking with her. It is hard, but something you might want to talk with your doctor, that you have concern, to see what the two of you can up with.
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    Hello everyone,

    I want to thank you all for your insights and advice..and support.
    I kind of dropped of Allnurses for a bit but did read posts that were there. So I return today and see there were more of you and just thank you so much.
    A little up date....Bone pain is painful!
    I ended up talking with the pharmacist, as I remembered they really are more knowledgeable in this area. I discussed with him what I was taking, and how I was lowering doses in relation to decreased pain level. He said he thought I was doing really well. Advised me not to stop all at once but decrease about 20% each time I lower. That plan is working well.
    My pain level at rest is much better, 0/10..yeah!.
    Now I am in PT and ice but still taking some meds and feel ok about it....
    Thank you all again, Love and in health, Kashia

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