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Does anyone have any research about the effects of white uniforms vs. colored/printed ones? My administrator wants nurses to go back to white. We want the other because of style, fun, and "this is 2002 !" Thanks :o... Read More

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    Quote from future~pedis~RN
    sorry but i think whites are the most professional attire for nurses. People respect that look more and it is comforting to allot of our elderly patients. And as for the "vomit, blood, and leaky babies" ........... What? If u cant see it, its not there?? YUCK!! I feel that not all....but some people forget being a nurse is not just a job....its a profession!!!! Take pride in the nurses who came before you....these brave women fought a male driven society to gain respect, trust and honor to a once "undesirable" profession.
    Just one persons opinon....I do respect u all in whatever color u choice to wear

    The Ku Klux Klan also wore white.