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Guys,help anyone encountered this situation, from CNO,asking to make a written submission to the panel within 30 days,this is under if I was eligible to take RN exam or the college will give me a... Read More

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    JustBeachyNurse -ur advised is so much helpful on my part..actually im at my wits end though just only started in application,maybe afraid to wrong action and because I only have few friends here that I can ask for advised. But my situation is different from them.

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    If follow up your assessor via email so you have the response in writing.
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    Last Tuesday when I talked to her (assessor)she told me that its already forwarded in CEHPEA, and called CEHPEA if my name listed for OSCE,and said No, but shortlisted,coz its fullybooked and they will inform me tru email if I can do online registration.So meaning no need to make a written submission to Regs.Commitee? ?..this is the reason I need to ask to my assessor.
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    So JustBeachyNurse ,do u think no need to make written submission because they already received my OSCE consented form..because its only a reason why they ask me to make a letter..Ty
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    Confirm with your assessor. It sounds that way but I am not a Canadian nursing official.
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    JustBeachyNurse-yes,will call again my assessor. Thought ur in Canada,but no =(..hoping someone to be my adviser. .but as I said its very much appreciated all your advises here..more power to u..god bless:-D

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