Transcript Conversion: Credit-to-clock hours

  1. Hello,

    I'm an RN in Texas, and I have been working with Continental to get my nursing license in the UK. They have been a great help so far, but I have been having trouble getting the college and university I went to here to translate my transcript from credit to clock hours. Both institutions are telling me that they don't do that and that I have to go to an outside credential evaluation agency to get that done and that it will cost upwards of $130...

    This is crazy. Has anyone else had to do this, and if so, did it work? I'm pretty sure the NMC won't take that, right?

    Let me clarify: My nursing school has already had this request before, and they already have the nursing school hours broken down into clock hours. Awesome! However, they don't have the rest of my pre-requisites broken down into clock hours, and I've been told the NMC requires this.

    I attended one college to do my pre-requisites and transferred to the university to complete my nursing school education, so I am having to deal with two separate schools. Does anyone have any advice? I'm trying to be in the UK by the end of the summer.


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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    Check with the NMC what they require but have seen many when going the other way have to use outside agencies to get their transcripts evaluated and if necessary converted and costing $$.

    Because many UK nurses can not answer this due to training outside the UK moving to Nurse registration forum
  4. by   babyNP.
    Here's my own experience getting NMC registration:

    You might just have to ask the school's course register office and ask how many hours were per credit and have them type it out for you on official letterhead.
  5. by   intl_RN
    Thank you, babyRN. That was what I ended up doing.