Toronto Registration process for Msc Degree and 3+ Years of Exp nursesin India

  1. Dear Sir/Madam, Find the below career Details of my spouses, Now she is interested to relocate to Toronto.
    1) Msc Nursing completed in OBJ ( 2007 Year from India)
    2) Bsc Nursing completed 2005
    3) 3+ Years of experience as Senior staff Nurse.
    4) having required IELTES score
    can apply CRNE Exam direcllty for login to CNO or we need to wait CNO inputs?
    and all the international nurses are madatory to go Bridge courses at nay nursing school along with CRNE Result .??
    Please let me know Msc degree holder and 3+ Years of clinical Experience nurses are manadatory to take Bridge course ??

    please adivce me .

    Thanks in Advance

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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    CNO will not give eligibility to sit CRNE without reviewing her application and may decide to do some form of assessment before eligibility is granted. If IELTS is over I think 12 months or 2 years old she will have to do it again. How is she planning on relocating to Toronto? Are you in Toronto? I believe IELTS has to be 12 months old for immigration purposes
  4. by   moorthyforu
    Yes it was old , she will be taking again.
    My question is do she has to take any Bridging progrmme or directlly can she apply for RN?

    what is the RN Process at CNO?
    can we able to get nursing's job's at toronto?
  5. by   Silverdragon102
    If bridging program is required then CNO will tell her after her application has been reviewed and if necessary she had done SEC or other type of skill assessment.

    Just check CNO website in regards RN process.

    Jobs like many other places currently can be hard
  6. by   moorthyforu
    Thanks for your info.
    You mean Nursing job's are Hard to get in Toronto?

    Mean while i want to ask you one more information, ie Phd or research degrees in nurses available in Toronto Intake Aug/Jun 2013. if yes please let me know the details and process.
  7. by   Silverdragon102
    Know nothing about availability courses for Phd and research for Toronto, I am living at the other end of the country.

    Jobs in many places of Canada are hard to get as many start of as casual and depending on how she is planning on living in Canada if she requires a work permit then they need to be full time jobs