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Hello friends! I'm an RN here in the Philippines and will be going in Alberta, Canada this August as an immigrant. I want to get a job immediately but of course, as I have read from the forums, and... Read More

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    hello! i would like to ask queries as to what documents have you submitted prior to taking CARNA. i am sure you can help me on this, please do enlighten me. thank you!

    Quote from ianmiyoh11
    Hello friends! I'm an RN here in the Philippines and will be going in Alberta, Canada this August as an immigrant. I want to get a job immediately but of course, as I have read from the forums, and having read the application for CRNE, I've realized that I have to go through a lot of things before I become an a Canadian Nurse. I'm confused as of the moment and I definitely need guidance regarding this very important matter to me.

    Here are my concerns:

    1) So while I'm here in the Philippines, I've taken my IELTS exam in Manila, and much to my disappointment, I lacked 0.5 grades on the areas of writing and speaking (imagine the frustration). I really don't want to blame the IELTS examiner for giving me scores like that, but just imagine the frustration of lacking 0.5 grades. I know this will slow down my application for CARNA 'cause I don't think CARNA will reconsider my grades even if I have good grades in listening and reading. I've researched that CELBAN is an alternative to IELTS and I find this more advantageous as this can prepare me in the Canadian way of working and communicating with patients. Now my problems are: I can't find any CELBAN review centers in Red Deer (where I'll be living) and I have no idea how much I'll pay for the review center and the test fee.

    I've been thinking if I can just tick on "English is my first language" box as English is the language of instruction in UST and besides, textbooks, lectures, and quizzes are always in English. But I don't think that'll do but I'm hoping for a slight chance.

    2) Regarding my application for CARNA. I've already requested my school and PRC (Professional Regulatory Commission) to fill up on the required parts. I'm stressing on the date on when I should send it to Canada because as I've said, I have to take CELBAN first and indicate in the application form that I will request the testing center to give CARNA a copy of the results. Is it really needed to be within 6 weeks? And is it okay to call them up and ask if I can extend the period for my english proficiency exam result?

    3) I am also interested in working as an LPN while waiting for my application to be processed. I heard that it takes a long time for CARNA to process application forms. I'm thinking that being an LPN will orient me in the health setting of Canada before I become a CRN. I looked on the how to apply as an LPN page and I saw that I just need to go to the board of LPN in Alberta. They don't have online application form available. Does becoming an LPN in Alberta still require me to take classes and a board exam?

    These are the things that I'm worrying for now. I hope to hear and get good guidance from here. Recommendations and suggestions are very welcome! If there's a better/fast way to approach this problem please tell! Hoping to hear from you guys soon!

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    I am International RN as well and I'm considering to write the celban instead of IELTS. However, I cant find any information or aditianal preparation materials except of readiness test on the official site and the same advertisements regarding K** K***.
    Please please please share your experience with me. I really appreciate it! This is the last requirement to meet with the CNO and I am so frustrated

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    The reason why you can't find any prep materials for the CELBAN is because CELAS wants to be sure you are able to function linguistically at the minimum level required to pass the test at any given time. They aren't interested in whether you can study what is needed to pass a test, they demand that you have the ability to function adequately in English no matter what the setting. As I said in my previous post, it's ABSOLUTELY VITAL that nurses speak and write clearly when it comes to patient care and documentation. People's lives depend on it. The readiness test online will give you a good indication of your language abilities. If you're not able to pass the readiness test, perhaps you might consider taking an English-as-second-language (ESP) course.

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