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  1. Here's my story. I studied in the Philippines and now Im here in CA. I passed the NCLEX on 2009, and it expired. I now have my SSN since im here now in CA. The Board asked me to submit again a new set of appication for licensure by exmanination since my files were now destroyed and they will issue my license...

    I sent the request for transcript form to my mom in the phil so she can submit it personally to my school, (OLFU valenzuela). I called my school prior that and thats what they told me to do. SO we did it. They accepted the papers from my mom and told her to come back for it after a week coz they want my mom to mail those papers, they will just seal it and my mom will have to mail them in a courier along the vicinity of the school. Well here's the problem, when my mom came back, the school registrar asked my mom why did I not signed the REQUEST OF TRANSCRIPT FORMS. she said my mom can mail it already but the Board of nursing may question the absence of my signature. So I was like, "WTH?!!" I tripled checked everything before I mailed them and the "APPLICANT'S SIGNATURE PART" is quite big so Im pretty sure I haven't missed it. What I suspect is, they made a mistake or typo error on answering the lower part of the form so they have no choice but to download a new one and make it look like I was the one who had a mistake for not signing so they weren't the one to blame. I am so ****** off. They told me to send another form and make sure it is was signed and they will dry seal the form again, or I can send a scanned copy of form with my signature on it and they will dry seal it.. Its freaking me out!!!!!! Thinking that my mom will have to go back to that school for few times more, (its really far from our house).. And besides I really need those documents to be mailed to the BRN now since Im in need of finding a job. Tjhis is such a waste of time. Im so stressed out . Has anyone ever experienced this? Do you think If my mom will mail out those forms from school without my signature it would be a problem? PLS HELP!!! Thanks!

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    any ideas? pls help.