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Reapplication for NCLEX RN - page 2

Hi! I recently submit a re-application for NCLEX RN,I graduated from the Philippines, residing in California now. They replied that I needed to take medical surgical and OB nursing cause i lack... Read More

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    gotcha. when was the last time that u applied for the exam besides jan 3?

    sori if i ask too many questions coz when i applied last year, i had sent all of the possible requirements that they will ask. and im wondering if they will ask me the same thing now.
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    last week of august. As far as I know, they don't ask other requirements other than the requirements listed in their website and copy of your ssn if you are a first-timer applicant.
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    [QUOTE=ianne101;6090977]Here's the letter i got from BON.. I graduated march 2009. I have completed all my cases before my graduation.. This is making me feel hopeless O_o though i Know the solution is to enroll the subjects.. but Im having a hard time finding schools. My sister got the same response from the board of nursing..


    kabayan so the theory and practical is your problem,its the concurrent issues...its really depressing for us foreign grads...
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    would this mean that the problem is the number of hours or just the lecture and clinical not taken at the same time?
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    Its the concurrency issue i guess,students must completed Delivery cases in the semester it was offered (NCM101), minor and major operations(NCM102).
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    from what curriculum are you guys? old or new?
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    I finished my nursing degree in May of 2012 in the Philippines and i just got my evaluation completed. However, i am really worried because my evaluation says, I am deficient in some hours and i have a NO Grade in RLE. How could that be when i finished my nursing with RLE grade and i finished every hours required to finish the course? I called the evaluation agency and they said, they did their part and its up to BON. I am really scared.Oh, Lord. Have mercy! Anybody has the same burden with me?
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    Hi... can anyone give us update on what happened to your re application? were you able to take the deficiency subjects? thanks