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Hi, I am internationally trained nurse from India. I applied for registration as RN in college of nurses of Ontario Oct 2011. They took over a year and finally determined that my education/... Read More

  1. by   forever24
    I registered myself without the confirmation from Cehpea, and was just advised by a concern person to try it. I was accomodated by HFO though. Explore your alternative guys there's no harm in trying. They dont recommend any specific reviewer just go through the CNO RN Entry level Competencies, Med Surg and Fundamentals according to them.
  2. by   tagheuer28
    Quote from kidpoker
    Read this book nursing osce's a complete guide to exam success by c. Caballero

    Is there a particular book that CEHPEA or Health Force Ontraio suggested for us to review?
    Hi there! I checked the book you suggested. I am just wondering if it is applicable in the OSCE with CEHPEA?
  3. by   sweetpot
    I have that book, it helps with how to communicate with patients, you can also get an e-book of that through kindle coz we dont have enough time for the 27th. Anyways text me if anyone wants a group study or support, my number is 6475270309
  4. by   sweetpot
    Sorry 6475260309... I need someone to practice with physical examination since my sister is always ticklish... Lol
  5. by   RIANNE16
    to those who will take the OSCE on 27th..Good Luck to us guys..we can make it..we went to CEHPEA office last week, and they jsut told us that they themselves are clueless on how the exam will be, because it is also their first time to conduct this kind of exam for the IENs..
  6. by   sweetpot
    Yeah good luck to us!
  7. by   tagheuer28
    Good luck guys! You can make it! Anyways what books did you use? Thanks
  8. by   msER
    hey guys...im an IEN too from phil.i was wondering if i should call the CEPHEA for the confirmation for the OSCE? coz until now i haven't received any call...any advice?thanks guys
  9. by   kidpoker

    We have the same situation. I have sent the option form stating I would like to take the evaluation test more than two weeks ago, but until now I haven't hear from CEPHEA. I will call CNO today to know what happen there. -kababayan
  10. by   forever24
    If you did not receive the link and submitted your application to Cehpea on March 18 which is their deadline for March 27 OSCE exam then you might have it on their next schedule....
  11. by   mangga
    hi forever24..can i just ask how did u receive the link? was it from the Cephea? so that means the cephea contacted you? because i havent received any confirmation from the cephea also...thanx very much..
  12. by   kidpoker
    Has anyone here been to Info session conducted by Health Force Ontario for Internationally Educated Nurses Competency Assessment OSCE Preparation last March 14th? Just wandering what they have discuss there for 6 hours? Any info is much appreciated. thanks!
  13. by   msER
    i dont know if i im goin to be disappointed? i called the CEPHEA this morning they told me that registration was closed monday 4;30...those who havent received any email from CEPHEA requiring to register for this march 27 will not not be accommodated and will wait for another exam,which is they dont know,so disappointed coz i moved my flight goin to phil just for the exam and pass the form on time and the cno never told me that applicant was limited...omg....if i knew this is gonna happen never take the risk...anyways...hopefully i can take the exam after i come back....god bless guys.