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hi, i am internationally trained nurse from india . i applied for registration as RN in college of nurses of ontario oct 2011. they took over an year and finally determined that my education/ experience is not equivalent to... Read More

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    I know how keen everyone is over this exam but can I please remind members that this is an open forum and we do not recommend posting phone numbers but to utelize the PM system once you have 15 or more posts
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    Quote from RIANNE16
    the exam will go like this.
    first we will register there, then, we will write the multiple choice exam. then we'll just have a short break then we will start with the OSCE.. you will be entering rooms, like 12 rooms, you wont really knw what's in there..it could be a patient with chestpain, pediatric patient, it could be a problem with a doctor or colleagues, it could be an aggressive patient.and you will perform what appropriate nursing managements(according to canadian standards) for each cases.
    I have not decided with CEHPEA until now. forever24 wants to connect with you so we can help each other...
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    Hi, is there anyone from this group decided to do some practice?
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    i tried contacting you but, the girl wo answered the phone told me i dialled the wrong number..
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    hi rhianne please try to contact me, I think it was my daughter who answered the phone just try to call in the evening. thanks
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    Hi guys! Do you know if there is any preparatory classes or review for the OSCE? Or do you have any idea about it? Thanks
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    Healthforceontario Will conduct session for osce on march 21 and 25 just try to register online ASAP bec. Of limited seats available.
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    hello forever24..just wanna ask how to register online with the healthforceontario..i visited their website but i couldnt find where to register..thanx in advance..
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    Read this book nursing osce's a complete guide to exam success by c. Caballero

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