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Hi, I am internationally trained nurse from India. I applied for registration as RN in college of nurses of Ontario Oct 2011. They took over a year and finally determined that my education/... Read More

  1. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    Read the previous posts in this thread. They explain how OSCE assessment is done. You can't prepare for them other than to review your basic nursing education and to read the list of competencies issued by CNO- the link for which is in one of my previous posts.
  2. by   mangga
    hello everyone..can u recommend any review center that could help me to refresh my clinical skills? coz im also advised by the CNO to take the OSCE on march 27..thanx
  3. by   gilharpre
    I have been working in canadian hospital for 3 years as an RPN. I do same work as an RNs. There is no difference in between RN and RPN. RPN get same assignment and In the night RN is assigned to pts and In the day RPN is assigned to same patients.
    I have 3 years Canadian Nursing experience, Do I still need to go for practical test?

    Anyway, I don't know where / when we have to register for this test. I called there and lady said, she doesn't know about test date even.
  4. by   nihs
    Hi, I guess we're all in the same boat. Just this Tuesday, I received a note from CNO advising me to take the OSCE exam. It has been a year since the last time I worked in a hospital. Since I came here in Canada (I'm from Philippines, by the way), of course, I never had any nursing experience. Now, I'm a little bit anxious on what to expect. Although I know I have the nursing skills and knowledge but I do think that at least I need a refresher. I am looking for resources (textbooks, cds, websites, etc) that can help me prepare for the exam but I couldn't find anything. I wonder if you could help me.
    Also, honestly, I am considering the 2nd option..to file for review of consideration. I hope that would help.
  5. by   dishes
    This will be the first time that the CNO is asking IENs to do the OSCE and it seems like the exam will be as JasonNZ posted and there is no need to take a prep course. The CNO recommends that you prepare for the OSCE by reviewing the competencies and ethics document, it would be wise to review them carefully. After reviewing the documents, you can review health assessments for nurses on youtube and practice head to toe physical assessments. Also, try and become familiar with basic healthcare equipment used in Canada.
  6. by   gilharpre
    Is there anyone can help me regarding a style of written test, based on competencies? What kind questions they can ask?
  7. by   dishes
    The information on the written test is on the CEHPEA link that Jason posted
    The IEN Objective Written Exam (MCQ) consists of questions based on 5 RN Entrance to Practice Competency Domains:

    • Professional Responsibility & Accountability
    • Specialized Body of Knowledge
    • Ethical Practice
    • Service to the Public
    • Professional Self Regulation
  8. by   gilharpre
    Could you please post a sample question.
  9. by   guppawan
    Hi friends ,
    Today , I got a link from to Cehpea to apply for osce exam and they told to get registered as early as possible for exam which is going to be conducted on 27 march ,2013 . but because of some health issues , I won't be able to give exam on 27 march , 2013 . Is there anyone else who got the link . Is it compulsory for me to give this exam on 27th . Or I can take next upcoming date for exam
  10. by   dishes
    Quote from gilharpre
    Could you please post a sample question.
    I do not have a sample question but there are quizzes in the CNO quarterly journal "The Standard", the journal is on the CNO website, look in the table of contents for "Quiz" or "Take the Quiz"
    The Standard - CNO
  11. by   lot2
    Just received the same letter yesterday. I am also in the process of deciding whether to take option 1-have CHEPEA evaluate me or 2-registration committee evaluate my papers. I have no idea which has the better pros than cons. I am also an IEN.
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  12. by   RIANNE16
    hy kababayans..maybe we can study,review and practice together...we are the first batch to have this kind of assessment...let's all volt in guys...
  13. by   RIANNE16
    hy lot2