Nursing Agencies For Filipino Nurses who wants to work in Australia

  1. 0 Hello, im a filipino nurse and i do want to work in australia. I have 1 year hospital experience in a 200 bed capacity hospital. Im about to take my IELTS on june of this year. Do you know any agencies here in the philippines that would cater my above qualifications? How much would the entire program would cost? Would the agemcy be the one to find work/sponsor if i finish the 3 month bridging program? Thank You very much. Im a newbie. thanks for the consideration..
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    Please Help.. Thank you..
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    Most on here seem to do this on their own and not use an agency. Where do you want to live and work?
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    I want to live and work in australia.. Im up to an agency because i dont have the resources.
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    Any agencies from philippines you wanna suggest? thanks.

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