NMC pack 2 waiting times

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    Im a non-EU trained nurse andjust awaiting for my pack 2, I called them few days ago and confirmed that they have verified my application last 17 December. How long does it take to receive the pack 2? they said that they havent decided it yet, im not waiting for the decision letter, only pack 2. Why does it take so long? I just live in London by the way and my Matron is more excited than me to finish my decision letter. Anyone experienced the same?

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    A month really isn't that long although waiting it probably feels longer

    Moved to nurse registration forum as not many UK nurses will be aware of International processes with the NMC
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    It took about 6 weeks for me to receive mine in Australia. I sent it in around the same time as you last year. They send it second class and you need to take into account they have a rest/sleep/booze up during christmas and new year, so it will probably take longer.
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    They told me my application was sent for decision, im just waiting for pack 2 why do they need to decide very long... And she mentioned it can take about 3 months?
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    There are probably hundreds of applicants to go through, some places can take several months so 6 weeks really isn't that long
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    still waiting for pack 2.... my friend received hers in 15 days only..
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    You are aware that NMC has put a hold on applications at the moment so will be waiting a bit longer?


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