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Since nmc put on hold all the papers and resume this year, is there anyone who was put on queue this 2013 and received the decision letter? I would like to know if 90 days waiting period really followed. Its really frustrating... Read More

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    Good day once more,

    @Edong and @stylish gem

    I would like to also ask regarding the PRC verification of registration form. Once you submit the form to them, after how many days will it be ready?

    I am sorry if I am asking you about the processing of NMC documents from the Philippines this time. Those nurses registering to the NMC who I know are still on their pack 1, or are also waiting for their pack 2.

    Thank you very much!

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    Quote from arya s. winchester
    Hello again sir Edong and stylish gem,

    I am still waiting for my pack 2 and NMC said they released it on October 24. I would just like to ask, what are the requirements needed to be submitted from our school (college). Are TOR, RLE and college diploma also needed? (Because I assumed that there will just be a form that will be filled up by our college, and that's it only.)

    How are your NMC application at the moment?

    God bless us all!

    Once more, thank you.
    Hello, Arya!

    There is an NMC form to be filled out by your college institution, and it must be sent to the NMC along with your TOR with theoretical hours and college diploma. Best of luck!
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    stylish jem did they accept the lettsr
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    Hi stylish gem!

    I sent you a PM.

    Thanks in advance!
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    Hello, Arya!

    I saw your pm, but when I sent you a reply, I got an error message informing me that your inbox is full, so you're unable to receive it. Therefore, I will just post it here.

    I am still awaiting my decision letter from NMC. Hopefully, they will not ask for additional documents anymore. I was accepted by an NHS Trust in England last August, so I am just waiting for the decision letter and COS. However, I have to pay for the visa fee. Good for you, you finally got your COS. I also applied in Omanfil last October, but they told me that I will be lined up for the January 2015 batch for Addenbrookes. Kindly inform me if there are any great job opportunities in other agencies because I want to try it too. Did you finish the 2nd pack already?
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    Quote from Matly
    stylish jem did they accept the lettsr
    @ Mathly: I am still awaiting for the decision letter, so I will know the results soon. I hope they accept it. Cheers!
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    Hello stylish gem,

    I sent you another PM. I deleted messages from my inbox.

    Thanks in advance!

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