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Since nmc put on hold all the papers and resume this year, is there anyone who was put on queue this 2013 and received the decision letter? I would like to know if 90 days waiting period really followed. Its really frustrating... Read More

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    @silverdragon102 nmc +442073339333...
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    How long will nmc take to respond email queries?
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    In my case, it took them 2 weeks to respond to my query.
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    Good day everyone!

    This is my first time reading this forum, and it is nice to have more fellow nurses in our discussion.

    I would just like to ask Sir Edong regarding the timeline of your NMC pack 2. As I have read, they scanned your documents on May. Then how many months before they informed you that you have additional requirements for the second pack?

    Thanks in advance once again!
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    @ Arya, I'm glad we met again on this forum. Did you see my latest post at the other forum?
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    @ Edong, yes I have seen it. I just became so much concerned about the timeline of your pack 2 processing because, most likely, it will also be the timeline for those who have experience in Saudi Arabia. It struck me now that it really seems NMC is taking a very long time processing overseas registration. (I cannot do private messaging yet here, just started this August.)
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    @stylish gem, yes thank you so much!!! I can't wait to have my NMC pack 2 and do the process in the same way you guys did, because your posts are so much detailed.
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    @ dith

    Hello! I am in the second application pack too. Regarding the explanation letter for the temporary unregistered practice, I asked the head of the Call Center (Communication Department) about it when I personally went to SCFHS Riyadh last 21 September. She told me that they can issue the letter if the gap from the hire date to the registration date is 6 months or more. However, if NMC really insists for an explanation, you can request SCFHS to send them that letter by sending an email to csc@scfhs.org

    I already sent them an email, and I went to the SCFHS branch here in Gassim yesterday to ask for the original letter with a stamp and signature from the provincial branch manager. I paid SAR 150 for the explanation letter, and it was released on the same day too. They sealed and stamped the envelope containing the letter, and I told them that I will be the one to send it to NMC. You can also ask Saudi Council to directly send it to the UK, but you have to pay a courier fee of SAR 110. I hope NMC will accept this letter. God bless!
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    Thank you stylish-gem..I will try to contact the Saudi Council.