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    Do I need to pass the Philippine NLE before I can take the NCLEX? I heard that there are states in the US that won't require you a license before taking NCLEX. is this a fact? Tnx for helping!
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    Each state will differ so best thing to do is check the BON/BRN website
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    If you are a dual citizen (Phil and US), you dont need to have to pass the NLE to take the NCLEX. You just need proper and certified credentials but if you are a Phil citizen only, you need to take the NLE 1st before you could apply for NCLEX
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    If you are an American citizen or Immigrant who studied in Philippines, you don't have to pass the NLE to take the NCLEX but you have to provide an explanation on why you don't have a license from the country you were educated.
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    hi, I heard that some states require NLE even for the dual citizen in order to sit for NCLEX? Do you know what states that does not require one? thanks so much