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New York Nurse Form 1

  1. 0 I saw a similar thread on this but the question wasn't answered. For nurse form 1 it is asking for the exact dates i attended elementary/high school. I do not remember the exact dates. what do I have put? thanks

    Attendance from: ________ / ________ / ________ to ________ / ________ / ________
    mo. day yr. mo. day yr.
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    will it be ok to just leave the day out? all i know are the months and years
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    Say it's May 1999. I usually just put 05/01/1999 or 05/15/1999 if I know it was in the later part of the month. I do my best to get as close as possible. But this is as a US citizen and applying for jobs. I'm not sure if it's acceptable to do otherwise?

    I graduated high school on May 19, and remember it specifically, yet my transcripts say June 20th, as this is when my diploma was awarded. I have never had this be an issue though, as long as you get the month and year with the date as close as possible, I believe you would be fine.

    To be sure, contact the BON in NY and see what they have to say. Good luck.