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    I need some help... I'm living in Portugal, and I've graduated here in 2007... since then I have not yet found a job in a Hospital, but I have been working in Clinics... At this time I'm working in a Clinic of natural medicine... I'm not very happy with my profissional life, I love to work here, I give my best, but unfortunatly in Portugal, the payment is not very good, and life has been harder... I have taken 2 more courses - mesotherapy and reflexology... Does this worth in New York?.... So, as I am an American citizen (born in New York) I am thinking in the option of returning to my country and "start a new life"... but I need help of those who are nurses in this state... How do things work? What is the diference between LPN and RN? What exams do I need to take? Is it easy to find a job in a Clinic? Do they pay well? Please can anyone tell me what to do?
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    You need CVS doing with the NY BON and they will make a decision whether to give eligibility to sit the NCLEX. Jobs well I suggest you check out the state forum found under the US tab above as many nurses in NY struggling to find work at the moment

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